Write-On Products for Whiteboards

Gloss Whiteboard Self Adhesive Film

Ideal to resurface your old worn out whiteboards or create a whiteboard surface on any smooth surface. Comes in a roll of 50m x 1.225m width. Use any whiteboard marker pen leaving no ghosting or staining.

Matt Whiteboard Self Adhesive Film

Write-On matt self-adhesive film is the ideal solution for educational institutions, boardrooms and training facilities as it can be used as a whiteboard and a projection screen.  Not only is it lighter in weight than traditional projection screens it saves space and can easily integrate with your classroom, boardroom or meeting place.

Write-On matt self-adhesive film has excellent viewing characteristics and offers a low glare effect projection screen compared to the typical standard whiteboard.

Write-On matt self-adhesive film will improve your creativity and productivity in the meeting place as it can be applied to most smooth surfaces allowing you to create a whole wall as a whiteboard and a projection screen. Standard dry erase whiteboard marker pens can be used on the write on surface.

Green Chalkboard Self Adhesive Film

Ideal for creating a chalkboard writing surface and can be used to resurface worn out chalkboards. Normal chalk can be used and is easily wiped clean. Comes in a roll of 50m x 1.225m width.

Other Write-On self-adhesive films are also available,
Including a clear film and various colour films.
Whiteboards by Write On Self Adhesive films for Whiteboards or Green Chalkboards by Write On Whiteboards South Africa.  Self Adhesive films for Whiteboards by Write On affordable Self Adhesive films for your old Whiteboard or Green Chalkboard by Write On South Africa.
Self-Adhesive Surface Films for Whiteboards

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